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Our Tomato Story

To make our tomato sauces and our Pomodorina we accurately select and use only the best quality tomatoes, 100% Italian guaranteed. The tomatoes mainly come from the Emilia countryside, a few km from the Menù plant; they are harvested from the field when they are fully ripe and sweet and then they are processed. In little more than two hours from harvesting, our tomatoes become Pomodorina Menù! Menù runs an accurate control over all tomato life stages, from farming to finished product. Tradition, memory, local production but also innovation, with over 80 years of professionalism and expertise. Creativity, know-how and taste expertise are some of the key words that guide Menù in every step along the production process. The Menù production division is like a big kitchen, and most products are made following the seasonal pace of nature. The common denominator of all departments is the pursuit of quality, from the raw material to the finished product. Only the best selected tomatoes turn into Pomodorina. The promise of quality is possible thanks to: a well-established collaboration with producers and farmers’ associations, a strict tomato control system before being processed in our plant, a very short stay in the main yard, the presence of state-of-the-art systems, and Menù’s know-how.

Our Approach


  • Fresh tomatoes to jar in few hours
  • No preservatives
  • Only crafted during Italy’s tomato harvest
  • All fresh vegetables
  • Made in Italy
  • All ingredients of the highest quality
  • Small batch kettle cooked
  • Grown in Emilia Romagna countryside in Italy

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+39 0535 49771

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Where we are:
Via Concordia n.25
41032 Cavezzo (MO)


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